The EEC will consider the exclusion of hemp from dietary supplements and tea

The Eurasian Economic Commission will consider the draft of Rospotrebnadzor with changes to the regulation on food safety. We are talking about a ban on the use of cannabis in dietary supplements, tea, and special nutrition – dietary, children’s, nursing and pregnant.

The Russian department proposes to leave hemp oil legal to produce children’s and sports nutrition.

In Russia, according to the law, it is allowed to grow hemp, which contains no more than 0.1% of the mass fraction of the narcotic substance – tetrahydrocannabinol. This figure is calculated for one plant (dry leaves and inflorescences of the upper parts). In the food industry, such hemp is used in the production of oil and tea.

However, the law is not always on the side of hemp manufacturers. In 2021, the Vologda City Court fined the agricultural cooperative “Посконь” for 1 million rubles. The reason was the announcement of the sale of hemp tea at the Авито and Wildberries sites. The court saw in the image of a hemp leaf in a tea advertisement covert propaganda of narcotic drugs.