Enriched & functional product – what’s the difference?

TR TS 021 defines the term fortified food products, according to which the content of food and biologically active substances in such products is brought to a level that meets the criteria of food products – a source of food substance by adding one or more food / biologically active substances / probiotic microorganisms, not originally present. The product is a source of nutritional substance, if it contains vitamins and/or mineral substances in an amount of 15% to 50% of the norm of a person’s physiological need.

At the same time, GOST 52349-2005 defines a functional food product, according to which such a product can have a beneficial effect on one or more physiological functions in the human body when systematically consumed as part of food rations. The real effect is such a product due to the presence in its composition of physiologically functional food ingredients in an amount of at least 15% of the daily human need. At the same time, the properties of the above ingredients, declared as useful for maintaining and improving health, must be scientifically substantiated, and confirmed.

In addition, according to GOST R 55777-2013, the hallmarks of functional foods also include a reduced content of ingredients, the excessive use of which can be harmful to health.